Sylverwyng Stables
Congratulations to all who placed!!

Div P12: OF Performance Classic & Mini No Rider Doll 
* Dressage Champion - Lugh
Div M1: OF Headstudy
* Headstudy - Classic or Smaller Size Mare or Filly Champion - Laurelwood Marchhawk
Div B6: OF CL, LB, SM, MM Breed Conformation - Ex OF CR Show 
* Overall Reserve Champion - Lugh
* Warmblood Champion - Lugh
* Sporthorse or Carriage or Light Draft Breed Reserve Champion - Bronze Eagle
* Arabian Breed Reserve Champion - Markhetry
* Mustang Champion - Iron Man
* Spanish Breed Champion - Sylver's Majestique
* Paint Reserve Champion - MMR Gallant Treasure
Div C2: OF Peter Stone Pebbles or Chips Color
 * Bay or Brown Reserve Champion - Markhetry
Div C3: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Traditional Color 
* White or White Grey Champion - Sylver
* Deco or Fantasy Color - Phabulous Pharaoh
Div C5: OF China or OF Resin Any Size Color 
* Deco or Fantasy Color Reserve Champion - Ghazal al-Nar
Div Mo2: Mold Show - OF Traditional Breyer 
* Group 4: KATHLEEN MOODY Standing or Lying Horse Reserve Champion - Wierzba
Div Mo4: Mold Show - OF Breyer Class and Little Bits 
* Overall Reserve Champion - Desert Wind
* Group 1: CHRIS HESS Molds Champion - Desert Wind
* Group 6: CAROL HERDEN Molds Reserve Champion - Buckshot Bill
* Group 7: SOMMER PROSSER Molds Champion - Laurelwood Marchhawk
Div Mo5: Mold Show - OF Breyer Stablemate 
* Group 3: G3 Adult Horses JANE LUNGER Molds Reserve Champion - Bronze Eagle
Div Mo10: Mold Show - OF China Manufacturers 
* Group 5: Breyer Molds Reserve Champion - Sylver's Cerridwen
Div Mo14 Mold Show - Safari or Schleich 
* Schleich Molds - Friesian Champion - Carlisle
Congratulations to all who won or placed!

Div P10: OF Performance Traditional Action Horse No Rider Doll
* Arabian Costume Horse Division Reserve Champion - Al-Shams al-Sateeaa
Div Mo2: Mold Show - OF Traditional Breyer
* Group 5: KATHLEEN MOODY Action Horse or Foal Molds Division Grand Champion - Destiny
Div Mo4: Mold Show - OF Breyer Class and Little Bits
* Group 1: CHRIS HESS Molds Division Reserve Champion - Lizbeta
Div Mo16: Mold Show - OF Toy Grade Plastic, PVC or Rubber Show
*Overall Reserve Champion - Branle
*Creata Mini or Breyer Mini Horse Division Grand Champion - Branle
Div C2: OF Peter Stone Pebbles or Chips Color
*Deco or Fantasy Color Division Reserve Champion - Cuarzo Roso
Div C3: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Traditional Color
* White or White Grey Division Reserve Champion - Sylver
Div C4: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Classic or Smaller Color
* Buckskin Division Grand Champion - Laurelwood Marchhawk
* Buckskin Division Reserve Champion - Buckshot Bill
* Grulla or Grullo Division Reserve Champion - Papi
* Silver Division Reserve Champion - Sonia d'Or
* Spotted or Exotic Color Division Reserve Champion - Jess Edwards
Div C5: OF China or OF Resin Any Size Color
*Deco or Fantasy Color Division Grand Champion - Ghazal al-Nar
Arabian Stallion Al-Shams al-Sateeaa (Blazing Sun) and Clydesdale Filly Sylver's Ballette both earned Overall Reserve Champion in the May IMEHA shows!!  Al-Shams is the ORCh of OF Traditional Breeds (non-Stone) and Ballette is ORCh of Hagen-Renaker Molds!  Thank you to judges Esther Goodrich-Puffer and Sami Murphy!
Buckshot Bill!!  Our buckskin QH Gelding is the Overall Breyer Classics & Paddock Pals Mold Champion in the IMEHA club!!
Micro minis and Mini Whinnies are the smallest of the model horse collecting world.  Usually about 1:64 scale and about 1 inch tall at the withers, Candace Liddy sculpted 32 exquisite little equines for the Creata company in 1995.  The Creata Winner's Choice line was in stores from 1996 to 1998, then the molds were purchased by Breyer/Reeves and the Mini Whinnies were born.  Breyer painted the models in more realistic colors with more detail and shading.  In 2007, my daughter bought her first set, the Mares, with some birthday money.

With great joy, the Family of Sylverwyng Stables would like to welcome MoJo Man!!  This special model is a Breyer Mini Whinny repainted to a stunning Palomino Tennessee Walker by Janet Bonney purchased from hobbyist Holly Carson.  We have taken new show photos of him and look forward to live showing this gem next year at American Heartland Live!  This opportunity is not just about a new model, it is about the ability to lend a hand when we could.  Holly had to sell some of her models to feed her real horses and those of her beloved sister Carol, who crossed the bridge in July.  We were glad to have had the extra money to help someone care for their family!  Blessings Holly!