Sylverwyng Stables
Congratulations to all who placed!

Div P10: OF Performance Traditional Action Horse No Rider Doll
* Arabian Costume Horse Champion - Al-Shams al-Sateeaa
Div P12: OF Performance Classic & Mini No Rider Doll
* Dressage Horse Champion - Lugh
* Dressage Horse Reserve Champion - Maestoso Daniela
Div P15: OF Showmanship Show
* Showmanship Arabian Native or Arena Headstall Champion - Persephon
Div M5: Saddle and Tack Show
* Other Tack Champion - Sylver's Ozark Fireman Mane Roll and Tail Flags
Div B6: OF CL, LB, SM, MM Breed Conformation - Ex OF CR Show
* Other Stock Breed Champion - Angelina
Div Mo5: Mold Show - OF Breyer Stablemate
* Overall Reserve Champion - Stormbringer
* Group 1: G1 Adult Horses MAUREEN LOVE CALVERT Mold Champion - Girl-At-Army
* Group 2: G2 Adult Horses KATHLEEN MOODY Molds Champion - RGL's Kheir
* Group 3: G3 Adult Horses JANE LUNGER Molds Reserve Champion - Bronze Eagle
* Group 5: G4 Stablemates - Artist JANE LUNGER Champion - Stormbringer
Div C2: OF Peter Stone Pebbles or Chips Color
* Deco or Fantasy Color Reserve Champion - Cuarzo Roso
Div C3: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Traditional Color
* White or Grey Reserve Champion - Sylver
Div C4: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Classic or Smaller Color
* Bay or Brown Reserve Champion - Masmoudi
Div C5: OF China or OF Resin Any Size Color
* Deco or Fantasy Color Champion - Ghazal al-Nar