Sylverwyng Stables
Congratulations to all who placed!!

Div P12: OF Performance Classic & Mini No Rider Doll
* Dressage Horse Champion - Lugh
* Arabian Costume Horse Champion - Taksim
Div P15: OF Showmanship 
* Showmanship Arabian Native or Arena Headstall Champion - Persephon
Div B3: OF China or OF Resin Breed Conformation
* Light Breed Champion - Laurelwood Ashen Joy
Div B6: OF CL, LB, SM, MM Breed Conformation
* Warmblood Champion - Stolen Gold
Div C4: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Classic or Smaller Color
* Silver Reserve Champion - Sonia d'Or
* Spotted or Exotic Color Champion - Jess Edwards
Div C5: OF China or OF Resin Any Size Color
* Deco or Fantasy Color Champion - Ghazal al-Nar
Div Mo5: Mold Show - OF Breyer Stablemate
* Group 3: G3 Adult Horses JANE LUNGER Molds Reserve Champion - Sylver's Ozark Prima Donna
Div Mo14: Mold Show - Schleich
* Schleich Molds - Arabian Champion - RGL's Arabia
* Schleich Molds - Gypsy Vanner Champion - Tinkerbelle
* Schleich Molds - Lipizzaner Champion - Rivera Ramita
* Schleich Molds - Freisian Reserve Champion - Carlisle