Sylverwyng Stables
Congratulations to all who won or placed!

Div P10: OF Performance Traditional Action Horse No Rider Doll
* Arabian Costume Horse Division Reserve Champion - Al-Shams al-Sateeaa
Div Mo2: Mold Show - OF Traditional Breyer
* Group 5: KATHLEEN MOODY Action Horse or Foal Molds Division Grand Champion - Destiny
Div Mo4: Mold Show - OF Breyer Class and Little Bits
* Group 1: CHRIS HESS Molds Division Reserve Champion - Lizbeta
Div Mo16: Mold Show - OF Toy Grade Plastic, PVC or Rubber Show
*Overall Reserve Champion - Branle
*Creata Mini or Breyer Mini Horse Division Grand Champion - Branle
Div C2: OF Peter Stone Pebbles or Chips Color
*Deco or Fantasy Color Division Reserve Champion - Cuarzo Roso
Div C3: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Traditional Color
* White or White Grey Division Reserve Champion - Sylver
Div C4: OF Breyer - Other Ex: China or Stone Classic or Smaller Color
* Buckskin Division Grand Champion - Laurelwood Marchhawk
* Buckskin Division Reserve Champion - Buckshot Bill
* Grulla or Grullo Division Reserve Champion - Papi
* Silver Division Reserve Champion - Sonia d'Or
* Spotted or Exotic Color Division Reserve Champion - Jess Edwards
Div C5: OF China or OF Resin Any Size Color
*Deco or Fantasy Color Division Grand Champion - Ghazal al-Nar

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